TeslaThemes celebrates 1st Year Anniversary

The journey started in March 2012, since that time they have been designing and developing Premium WordPress Themes, guided by  passion to WordPress and its great community. On 25th of May, 2013   TeslaThemes  launched and the team worked hard to achieve the goals and to turn the service into a sustainable and awesome WordPress Theme Shop.

Now, they’re happy to announce  1st Year Anniversary and to invite you to celebrate it with them with great offers and discounts. TeslaThemes does it’s best to create unique, awesome products and to provide high quality services, and the results speak for themselves. Their community is growing fast and they want to thank you all (> 10,000 customers) for being a part of it and for giving them the confidence to move forward.

They’ve designed a beautiful infographic, where TeslaThemes  listed all the achievements and important events. Have a look at it and feel free to share it on your blog or site:

infographic anniversary

Copy and paste this code to embed the infographic on your site:

 Also, 2 Limited Time Offers with fantastic prizes and discounts are announced:

1. Massive Giveaway (The Big Prize: iPad Mini) – enter for your chance to win great plugins, themes, icons, brushes, vector sets, hosting and much more, with a total worth > $1400. One lucky winner will get the big prize – a beautiful iPad Mini with Retina display (16GB, Wi-Fi, Space Gray).

2. Everything at $14,99 – for a limited period of time (from 21st May, 2014 to 30th May, 2014) you will be able to get any WordPress theme or Subscription pack for only $14,99. Hurry up, this is a unique chance to get their themes at a fantastic price, before they adjust our pricing again.

Benefit from this unique offers and get involved in our community: comment, share, tell us your stories, let’s celebrate TeslaThemes’ Anniversary together!

 Source: http://teslathemes.com/blog/celebrating-our-1st-year-anniversary-with-fantastic-offers/


Giveaway: Win plugins, tools and themes with a total worth of $751

Giveaway bundle

Massive Giveaway Announced: Win 2 WordPress plugins + 1 Photoshop plugin + 1 flat icon set + 2 prototyping tools + 1 collaboration platform + 3 Premium WordPress Themes. Total worth = $751.

Whether you are a WordPress user or an skilled developer, you have probably came to the point when you needed a good WordPress plugin, a beautiful theme, some premium icon sets, a mockup builder or other tools to enrich your website’s touch and feel.

To help you out, TeslaThemes partnered with the leading providers on the market and are giving away a massive bundle that includes some great plugins, tools and themes with a total value of $751. Each of 5 lucky winners will get a mega bundle, so hurry up, the giveaway ends on 29th of March, 2014.


Period of time: From 18th March, 2014 to 29th March, 2014
Prize: 3 plugins + 1 flat icon set + 2 prototyping tools + 1 collaboration platform + 3 WordPress Themes
Winners: 5 lucky users


Simply complete all the tasks described here
Each task has a certain amount of points (the more points you collect the more are your chances to win)
They will announce the winners on 31st March, 2014, so keep an eye on TeslaThemes!


– 1 license of FooBox WordPress plugin from FooPlugins – a fully responsive media lightbox WordPress plugin, to make your images, videos, and HTML content look beautiful on all devices. $27 worth

foobox plugin

– 1 license of Event Espresso WordPress Plugin – a great Event Registration & Ticketing Management Plugin for WordPress. $89.95 worth

event espresso plugin

– 1 license of Flat Icon Set from Web Icon Set – a wonderful icon set comprising 100 flat icons with an emphasis on simplicity. $25 worth

flat icon set

– 1 license of Subtle Patterns plugin – a Photoshop plugin which integrates an immense library of beautiful patterns in Photoshop. $11.99 worth

subtle patterns plugin

– 1 license of Mockup Builder – a prototyping solution that helps design software or websites while reducing the time and cost spent on the negotiation stage. $168/year

mockup builder

– 1 license from proto.io – an online prototyping tool, that makes it super easy to create “real” looking mobile prototypes with animated interactions, gestures, transitions, scrolling and much more. Value $174/6 months.


– 1 license from InVisionApp.com – a leading design collaboration platform. Built to foster collaboration and iteration, it helps you design, review and user-test a website before writing a single line of code. Value $180


– 3 Premium WordPress themes from TeslaThemes (Novelty, Universe, Zoomy). $105 worth

TeslaThemes home

Comment, share and get the chance to win this great bundle!

2 New Premium WordPress Themes launched – TeslaThemes

Premium WordPress Templates

As you’ve might noticed it I spread the word about beautiful themes I like. It has been a busy month for TeslaThemes but,  they’re now happy to announce 2 brand new Premium WordPress Themes with clean, modern, bold design and some great features. Meet Novelty – a lovely Magazine WordPress Theme and iCook – a great WordPress Theme  for Food/Recipe sites. Have a look at their new WordPress themes:

Novelty – Magazine WordPress Theme

Novelty is a Premium Magazine WordPress theme with bold, sharp, modern design and some nice features powered by Tesla Framework. It has dedicated features for content/news sharing like: featured image slider, tabbed widgets, featured posts, custom shortcodes, list and grid view of posts, social media integration and more.

Novelty WP blog


iCook – Food/Recipe WordPress Theme

iCook is a Food/Recipe WordPress Theme with clean, modern design and some great features to power your food related website. It has a stylish filterable recipe gallery, where you can list various food recipes and categorize them, custom shortcodes for recipes, popular recipes widget (based on views) and more.

iCook WP blog


Get these beautiful WordPress Themes at a great price or purchase all their themes for only $45! Stay connected, more new themes to be released in the near future.

10 Reasons Why Small Businesses Can’t Ignore Social Media – INFOGRAPHIC

If your company is feeling a bit skeptical about Social Media Marketing, and whether or not it’s worth the effort, then the below infographic highlights 10 reasons why it may be working better than you realise.Social-Media


Source: http://www.jasonsquiresonline.com/posts/infographic-10-reasons-small-businesses-cant-ignore-social-media/

Top 3 All in One SEO plugins for your WordPress site

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is still a significant part of your site’s success. Getting organic traffic from Google, Yahoo, Bing and other local search engines can guarantee you a vast online exposure, awareness and revenue, whether you’re running a commercial site or a blog.

To get your site in top organic search results is a tough mission, you need an established domain and brand, a lot of inbound links, engaging and unique content, a vast social media exposure and much more. Also, you will need the right tools and a flexible system, to easily implement all SEO improvements you need.

WordPress is probably the best CMS for that and Google loves it. That’s why we decided to review some of the most popular SEO plugins for your WordPress site. There are more than 1,200 plugins related to SEO in WordPress plugin directory. Let’s have a look at top 3 WordPress plugins for SEO:

1. All in One SEO Pack

Downloads: 17,093,386 Ratings: 3.8 out of 5 stars ★ ★ ★ ★ ☆

All in One SEO pack banner

All in One SEO Pack is a complete solution for your blog or site, including a wide variety of features to optimize your site. It’s created by Michael Torbert of Semper Fi Web Design.


After installing it you will have a dedicated area in your WordPress admin, where you’ll be able to access all its features. The current version of plugin is displayed in “about” area, from where you can access some other useful resources like Support forum, changelog, social media profiles, etc. and subscribe to their mailing list.

All in One SEO img1

By default, All in One SEO has 3 main sections: “General Settings”, “Performance”, “Feature Manager”. In “General setting” you will find practically all the features and settings, including meta tags, keyword settings, home page settings, webmaster verification, noindex settings and more. Each  section has a nice “help” button that redirects you to a dedicated web page with documentation and additional info.

All in one SEO img2

You can edit the SEO titles, description and keywords of your posts, pages, custom posts or even generate your meta keywords or description dynamically. You will find these dedicated fields in your list of pages, posts, etc. or below each page, post in meta boxes.

All in one SEO img3

All in One SEO img4

In “General settings” you can also link your Bing and Google webmaster tools accounts, as well as add your Google analytics for tracking. Here you can also block certain pages from Google index with “noindex” meta tag.

In “Performance” you can view some technical parameters of your system. You can adjust some of its values to achieve better performance. Additionally, an email form is available to send your current system status to any email you wish.

All in one SEO img5

In “Feature Manager” you will find some extra functionalities that can be activated and deactivated. These are: XML sitemaps (to generate and manage your sitemaps), Social meta (to edit your parameters for social media sharing), Performance (to view your system status) and other.

All in one SEO img6

The bottom line

– Useful and explicit documentation: which is available online, if you’re familiar with WordPress and have some basic-intermediate knowledge of SEO, you will easily understand and manage all the features. Also, a FAQ and a dedicated support forum are available.
– Great features: All in one SEO covers practically everything you need to optimize your site, including some interesting features like: SEO for custom post type, track outbound links, auto generate keywords and descriptions, XML sitemaps management, etc.
– You have to go Pro for some additional features, updates and technical support. You can’t view Admin posts in support Forums if you’re a free subscriber.

2. WordPress SEO by Yoast

Downloads: 7,908,317 Ratings: 4.7 out of 5 stars ★ ★ ★ ★ ★

Yoast SEO banner

Yoast is a great plugin to optimize your WordPress site and write better content. It was created by Joost de Valk and his team and became quite popular in the community.


Yoast is well structured and has 9 sections in its menu: Dashboard, Titles & metas, Social, XML sitemaps, Permalinks, Internal links, RSS, Import & Export, Edit files and some of them have sub-sections delimited by tabs.

In “Dashboard” you can take the plugin tour and find out some basic information, reset the settings to default or verify your site for Alexa, Bing and Google Webmaster tools.

Yoast img1

“Titles & Metas” allows you to edit meta tags of your home page, posts, pages, custom posts and more. From here, you can block certain pages from Google index with “noindex” meta tag, manage sitewide links, clean up the <head> from unneeded code and more. You can also edit the titles and metas in a dedicated meta box when you’re editing a post, page, custom post, etc. and have an instant preview of the snippet. Moreover, you can specify a certain keyword and the system will identify if it’s present in your headings, title, URL, etc., it’s an useful feature if you want to focus on a specific topic/keywords. “Page analysis” is another great feature that grades the SEO performance of your post and lets you know how to improve your content.

Yoast img2

Yoast img3

Yoast plugin has some solid XML sitemap features, allowing you to easily activate/deactivate and manage your XML sitemap.

In “Permalinks” you can manage your permalink settings and edit some parameters like: enforce a trailing slash on category URLs, remove stop words from slugs, manage some redirects and canonical settings. If you have intermediate-advanced knowledge of WordPress, you can firmly change these settings, otherwise you’d better leave these settings as is.

Yoast img4

“Internal links” is useful if you want to activate breadcrumbs on your site and manage their separators and anchor text.

“RSS” feature adds a link to your original blog posts, so search engines could see that your site is the original source of content, in case it’s included on another websites.

Yoast img5

If you’ve used another SEO plugin you can import all the data with a simple click. You can also export your current settings into a .zip file and import it later if needed.

Yoast img6

“Edit files” allows you to edit your robots.tx file and include all the links that you want to block from search engines’ results.

The bottom line

– Well structured, great features like: SEO page analysis, XML sitemaps, import & export, multi-site compatibility. Yoast is a great tool for intermediate-advanced SEO professionals.
– A comprehensive guide on higher rankings and WordPress SEO available on their website. This is a must read for everyone interested in SEO for WordPress.
– Lack of extensive documentation and help resources. You get support and updates if you buy the Premium version of this plugin. We also encountered some issues with permalinks.

3. SEO Ultimate

Downloads: 1,227,104 Ratings: 4.2 out of 5 stars ★ ★ ★ ★ ☆

SEO Ultimate banner

SEO Ultimate (created by SEO Design Solutions) is an all in one plugin that includes a lot of features grouped in more than 20 modules. It gives you control over your title tags, rich snippets, 404 errors, slugs, canonical, Affiliate links and much more.


All the features of SEO ultimate are located in groups called “modules”. There are more than 20 modules which you can activate or disable. All modules have a “help” tab with a description about each feature and how to use it.

SEO ultimate img1

“404 monitor” shows you all 404 errors in a log. Here you can monitor all pages that return a not found error.

“Code inserter” allows you to add custom code (Ex. from Google analytics) to specific sections of your site like <head> or footer.

“Deeplink Juggernaut” is an exclusive feature of SEO Ultimate. It lets you automatically link a certain keyword to a specific URL that you define. You can also add links in footer and specify additional parameters for autolinks. This is a great feature for internal linking.

SEO ultimate img2

In “File editor” you can edit your robots.txt file and manage its settings.

“Link mask generator” is very useful if you have some Affiliate links on your site and want to display good looking URLs to your users. Here you can also edit the alias directory and nofollow masked links.

SEO ultimate img3

In “Meta descriptions” and “Meta keywords” you can edit meta descriptions and keywords of your pages, posts, custom posts, categories, etc. Also, these edits can be done from dedicated meta boxes when editing a post, page, custom post, etc.

“Meta robot tags editor” allows you to block unwanted pages from search engines’ organic results using the meta robots tag.

“Open Graph integrator” is used to define the way your content will look like when someone shares your links on social media networks like Facebook.

“Settings Monitor” identifies any issues on your site and notifies you about them.

In “Title tag rewriter” you can specify a certain order and keywords for your titles. If you have a defined keyword strategy and want to list  your most important keywords in the beginning of your titles, this feature will help you a lot.

SEO ultimate img4

“Whitepapers” here you will find some interesting articles about SEO, created by SEO Design Solutions the company that created the SEO Ultimate plugin.

“Miscellaneous” includes a lot of additional features like: canonical URL generation, 301 redirects, rich snippet creator, slug optimizer and more.

SEO ultimate img5

The bottom line

– Comprehensive help and FAQ for each module. Some exclusive features that other plugins don’t have, these are: Deeplink Juggernaut, Link Mask Generator, Rich Snippet Creator, Code Inserter and more.
– It’s a little bit difficult to work with meta descriptions and keywords, since these are grouped in modules. But you can edit them from meta boxes as well.


Whatever WordPress SEO plugin you’ll use, make sure you provide valuable and useful content, have great products or services and keep your users engaged and happy.

Written by: TeslaThemes

6 Email Marketing Mistakes That Make You Look Spammy

Inevitably, if you send many emails, some of your email marketing will end up in the junk pile. Mail Chimp has great advice, so you don’t make Email marketing mistakes that make you look spammy.

spammyUsing spammy phrases

Click HereOnce in a lifetime opportunityFREEBuy Now,Money back guaranteeWhy Pay MoreUrgent Matter —Spam Assassin assigns points to these types of phrases each time they are in an email. Multiple uses of these phrases add up, and when the email reaches a “spam score” it is sent to the junk pile.

Using all caps or multiple explanation points

All caps are yelling, and multiple explanation points are a flag that it might be a BUY NOW!!!!! type of spam email.

Using just an image instead of text


Some people know spam filters do not read images, so they put text in an image. However, spam filters are smart enough to realize that, and will frequently spam emails that are just one image.

Converting a Word file to HTML for email

Spam filters hate these emails since the code is sloppy. Many times you will find them ending up in the junk pile.

Sending a “test” to multiple recipients

Sending a “test” to multiple recipients, especially within the same company can mark you as a spammer. The word “test” signals the firewall that this email doesn’t have substance and might have been computer generated.

Sending an email to multiple recipients without a subject line

Firewalls have no choice but to conclude that emails without subject lines are spam, and these will end up in the junk pile. Next time you are sending out mass emails, check for these 6 things – or just know that many of your emails found a home in the junk pile.

Tips for improving your email marketing campaign

  • For serious email marketing use one of the ready-made email marketing tools.
  • Don’t forget to ask for approval (subscription) before sending your newsletters.
  • Provide users with an easy way to subscribe and unsubscribe from your newsletter.
  • Welcome new subscribers and thank them for subscribing to your newsletter.
  • Make sure you fill out the ‘From’ and ‘Subject’ fields with your company name in order to remind your subscribers whom the email is from. This will help them to identify you, and your email will not end up in spam.
  • Make sure you have an appealing title, otherwise your subscribers might decide to delete your email before opening it.
  • An excessive number of rejected emails may be a sign that your mailing list is outdated. Make sure you maintain regular contact with your subscribers.
  • Stimulate subscriptions by offering additional benefits. Don’t just sell — offer discounts, promotions, educational content.
  • If you have subscribers from different time zones, include TimeWarp option so that all your readers get their emails at the same time according to their time zone.
  • Design a newsletter to meet your visual identity (logo, colors, font…).
  • Make a ‘mobile friendly’ newsletter using Responsible design.
  • Replace classic ‘submit‘, ‘read‘, ‘send‘ links with a strong call to action links. They can be in the form of text or image.
  • Always offer your newsletter in HTML and plain text format.
  • Include social functionalities.
  • Regularly test your newsletter before sending (From and Subject fields, links, grammatical errors, different browsers, email clients…).
  • Analyze the ‘Unsubscribe rate‘ daily, weekly, monthly.
  • Survey your subscribers, especially those who unsubscribe from the list to find out their reasons and improve your email marketing campaigns.
  • Regularly check your newsletter statistics (openings, clicks…).
  • Specify the best day and time for sending newsletters. For example, you can schedule your newsletters to be send on every Wednesday morning between 8:00 and 9:00 am.

Email outperforms all other promotional and communication channels because it occupies maximum attention of the person who is reading it. In addition, it enables you to maintain constant contact with your existing customers by sending new services or product offers, promotions, and discounts.

For this reason, it is very important that you invest a decent amount of time in tweaking your email marketing campaign till perfection. Be sure to avoid these 6 mistakes and follow the tips outlined above.


Source: http://socialmediasun.com


To make your Holiday Season special, my friends at TeslaThemes  initiated a limited time sale for Christmas. Get 40% discount on all their Premium WordPress Themes and subscription plans by using this coupon code “CHRISTMAS2013”. The offer expires on 26th December, 2013, so hurry up! You have only 4 days to get their WordPress Themes at a great price.


When? From 23rd December, 2013 to 26th December, 2013
What do I get? 40% OFF on all WordPress Themes and Subscription Plans
Who is eligible? Everyone who buys Premium WordPress Themes or Subscription Plans


1) Choose your WordPress Theme or Subscription Plan – simply choose your best matching Premium WordPress Theme from TeslaThemes’ great collection and click on “Buy now” or “Get all” to get all the themes.
2) Include the coupon code – enter the following Coupon Code “CHRISTMAS2013“ in the “Enter Coupon Code” field and proceed to payment.
3) Sit back and enjoy – that’s it, you can now download your WordPress Themes from your Tesla account anytime you wish.